Asad Umar shows reservations on federal budget

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June 20,2019

Asad Umar expressed reservations on the first budget presented by his party

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and former finance minister Asad Umar has expressed reservations on federal budget and urged his government to reconsider taxes on essential items.

Speaking in the National Assembly, ex-finance minister expressed reservations on the first budget presented by his party.

Asad Umar, who is the chairman of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Finance, said it was inappropriate to raise tax on sugar and urged the government to withdraw it.

He also urged the Dr Hafeez Shaikh to withdraw taxes on cooking oil and ghee and other essential items.

Asad Umar also urged the government to investigate why sugar prices are rising so quickly.

He said we should make utmost efforts to strengthen and uplift the agriculture sector in order to bolster the country’s exports. He said EOBI pensions should also be enhanced from ten to fifteen percent.

He said vulnerable segments of the society and middle class should be fully protected.


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