Great contributor to CPEC bids farewell to China

June 20,2019

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BEIJING: Pakistan Ambassador Masood Khalid, who is considered a great contributor to CPEC among the Chinese officials and media circles bids farewell to China on completion of his more than six years tenure this month, reports China Economic Net.

In his remarks Ambassador Masood Khalid at a farewell ceremony held he said he has witnessed first hand the progress and development of China since he assumed the office in January 2013 and was most impressed by what this country has achieved in lifting nearly 800 million people out of poverty.

“Chinese cities are some of the most modern in the world. We in Pakistan feel happy in seeing the growth and prosperity of our Chinese friends. ”he said. Ambassador Masood is recognized for his contributions to the enhancement of relationship between Pakistan and China. During the past six years, there have been many high level visits, with heads of state and government of both countries meeting each other on a number of occasions,and infinite exchanges at the ministerial and senior officials’ level.


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