Judge named in violence against young banker

May 22, 2019

RAWALPINDI: A citizen has accused an accountability court judge of abduction, torture and inhuman behavior for allegedly associating with his wife.In a written statement submitted to Pir Wadhai...

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RAWALPINDI: A citizen has accused an accountability court judge of abduction, torture and inhuman behavior for allegedly associating with his wife.

In a written statement submitted to Pir Wadhai Police Station, the victim complained that he was kidnapped on May 18 by some men.

He said all the men were riding in a black color car and a police vehicle.

The victims said, “A police official came out of the vehicle, showed me his official card and asked me to accompany them. When I offered resistance, he started beating me and pushed me in the vehicle. I was taken to a judge’s house in Rawalpindi,” said the complainant who is a banker by profession.

“I asked them for my crime time and again but they would not speak. As I entered the house, they started beating me up. There were other people too, including the judge and policemen.

“The judge was holding a baton in his hand, the other had a plastic pipe and the third had a leather strap. They all started beating me up. Later, a cop gave me electric shocks.

“Then they took off my clothes to molest me. They did ugly things, they spit on the floor and asked me to lick it. They continued to torture me and threatened to kill my mother and brother.

“When I fainted, they resuscitated me by pouring water on my body. When they had finished beating me, the judge ordered his men to throw me out somewhere. Two policemen took me out on a bike and threw me in front of my home. They also threatened my family members to leave the country otherwise they would be killed,” he said.

“My father called in Rescue-1122. The police came and took me to the hospital. I have written down my complaint. Please take strictest possible action against the culprits.”

The victim said he was tortured because the judge believed that he had been associating with his wife, which was not true.

Meanwhile, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has directed the in charge of Chief Minister’s Inspection Commission Ejaz Khan Jazi to personally visit the victim at the hospital to inquire after him and directed his best possible care.

He also promised to take action against the perpetrators.

The victim’s father told this correspondent that they were running from pillar to post to get relief for justice but the authorities concerned were giving them a cold shoulder due to influence of the judge.

“Had my son been guilty, a case should have been registered against him according to the law and he should have been presented before the court and punished accordingly if proven guilty. No Judge should be allowed to kidnap people, take them home and torture them the way my son has been treated,” the father of the victim said.

He said nobody seemed willing to take action against the judge.

“Now my only hope lies with the Chief Justice of Pakistan, prime minister and Punjab chief minister,” he said.

Talking to The News, circles close to the judge expressed their complete surprise at the allegations and rejected them strongly.


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