Amir in Hungary to feature in Diplomats Polo Cup

May 22,2019

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LAHORE: One of Pakistan’s leading polo players Sufi Mohammad Amir in his first step to a long summer journey with an intent to raise the green flag all over the world will be portraying the soft image of the country has reached Hungary.

Sufi Amir, who was also a member of Pakistan World Cup team, has been playing polo for the last 20 years not only in the country but also in different parts of world. He also has the honour of playing for Lahore Polo Club, Garrison Polo Club, Islamabad Polo Club and Rawalpindi Polo Club while on the international front he represented in Hungary, Slovakia, England and Argentine.

Amir led his Masters’ team to prestigious National Open Polo Championship for the Qauid-i-Azam Gold Cup 2019 glory for the third time this year.

In the first leg of his tour around the globe, he has reached Hungary to play Diplomats Polo Cup 2019, which is the premier polo event of the country. Before leaving for his grand tour, Sufi Amir said: “It is proud moment for me that I am representing green flag in international arenas.

“Polo is in my blood and I love horses very much. I like to play polo whenever and wherever I get an opportunity in the country and around the world. As now the polo season is off in Pakistan where I had a great season this year, I am intending to explore the polo field on various countries. “We won almost all the major events of the season here. Now to keep the momentum and my form intact I am saddling up to play in various countries with a purpose to show the world that Pakistan is peaceful and sport loving country.

He further stated that he already have experience of playing this game in many countries. He plans to visit England, Argentine and some other countries in the next phases of his tour.

“Level of polo has been improving gradually in Pakistan. It’s encouraging to play with top national and international players during the peak season of Pakistan polo. I hope the coming season will be more attractive and challenging,” he added.

“In polo, the most important thing is the quality of horse one have. For the last few years, we have seen the teams coming up with best breed of horses winning the National Open Polo Championship for Quaid-e-Azam Gold Cup. That was why my team won this year’s national trophy for the third time. My horses are the best so far and have won several pony for the year awards,” he concluded.


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