Indian actress Juhi Chawla speaks about her children’s interest in acting career

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May 22,2019

Indian actress Juhi Chawla sees some acting spark in her son, Arjun and mood swings in daughter, Jahnavi.

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LONDON: Indian actress Juhi Chawla spoke about her children’s inclination towards acting career and finds her daughter to be a good reader.

Juhi sees some acting spark in her son, Arjun. “Arjun is quite funny and good with mimicking accents,” the actress told media in London where her teenage children are studying at a boarding school.

“He’s actually hilarious, so I feel sometimes that he could maybe try. My small monkey Arjun has clearly told us, ‘Mom don’t even think about it’.”

For her daughter, the Bollywood actress said she is an avid reader. “With Jahnavi, I’m not so sure,” Juhi said, responding a media query.

“Jahnavi is an avid reader. If there is anything she likes in this world, and if you ask her what she wants as a gift, it will be a book. She said she wanted to be a writer.”

The actress shed light on Jahnavi’s mood about career interests, saying, “Then she went through a phase where she said ‘Okay I want to be a model’. Tomorrow she might say ‘I want to be an actress’. Then she might say she wants to drop all this and do sports. I don’t know, but I have learnt one thing that you have to let your children do what they want.”


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