Opp parties gather not for national service but self-interest

May 19,2019

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Standing Committee for Information and Broadcast of Senate Faisal Javed has said that meeting of opposition parties is being held on not on national service agenda rather on the basis of self-interest.

He said that they are gathering at an Iftar party and this was not just first time that they are gathering rather they are gathering to avoid from accountability. He said their policy is same as both (PPP) and (PML-N) have looted the country and transferred money abroad and made properties there. He said both parties rule the country and flee abroad.

Faisal held both parties (PPP, PML-N) responsible for present crisis which brought the country at the brink of disaster. He said that they have carried out charter of corruption not charter of democracy. He said that they have plundered the country and made poor poorer and a particular class became richer. He said that people would not support them rather they have gone far away from them.

He said that country’s loan raised from Rs600 billion to Rs30,000 billion due to these two parties. He said that they ruined all the institutions of the country. He said that these parties are gathering to hide their corruption. He said that whatever they do and arranged Iftar parties but Imran Khan will not give them NRO. He said that the money they had looted will have to return.


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