Bamboo Bowl opens in F-7 Markaz

April 22,2019

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Islamabad : After the success of Petit Brugge, which is popular for authentic Belgian and French food, Abid Rabbani has opened another restaurant, Bamboo Bowl, on the premises in F-7 Markaz promising visitors a memorable Chinese and Thai cuisine experience.

“Bamboo Bowl is driven by a philosophy that incorporates the provision of the best possible service to guests with the commitment to serving the highest quality food and promising a visionary restaurant design,” he told ‘The News’ at the launching ceremony.

The event organised by Rezz Aly Shah was attended by food lovers from showbiz, corporate sector, hotel industry, and bureaucracy in large numbers.

Abid Rabbani said Bamboo Bowl offered Chinese and Thai culinary masterpieces with a contemporary spin.

“We aim to deliver exceptional taste and quality to the people of Islamabad,” he said.

He said he had launched Petit Brugge last year providing Islooites with authentic French and Belgian food for the first time.

“The fabulous Chinese and Thai Bowl concept is a new addition to our restaurant building. With a completely new floor catering to the venture, we have covered the market for the oriental food lovers as well,” he said.

The visitors said they had a good culinary experience at Bamboo Bowl and liked its ambiance as well. They said the restaurant’s food was pleasantly different from what was offered by others in town.


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