Inventions that faded into obscurity

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April 19,2019

Many people in the mid-1900s thought that they were going to be the future.......

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Car boats

Many people in the mid-1900s thought that they were going to be the future, and judging by the lack of boat cars on the roads, that doesn’t look like it happened. For now, this invention has been relegated back to novelty collectors.

Flying tank

The original plan was to tow these flying tanks behind aircraft, then glide them into battle to support infantry troops. Troops would be airdropped in and then the tanks would glide in afterward. The project was abandoned after there wasn’t any aircraft powerful enough to tow the crafts.

Blizzard Mask

In 1941, a blizzard mask was introduced. Basically, it was a plastic bag that the customers put over their head. The air pressure was reduced and this stimulated the circulation of blood bringing the natural glow of youth to the face. It was also used as a plastic face protector during a bizzard.

Jell-o salads

T vegetable-flavored Jell-O were received quite badly, when General Foods introduced gelatins in four new flavors: Celery, Seasoned Tomato, Mixed Vegetable, and Italian Salad.

Robotic Speed Reader

Patented in 1966, the Readamatic was the solution to help school children, or even adults, read faster. The problem was that the device was quite loud, and the metal plate would scrape across the pages like chalk on a chalkboard. Ultimately, these distractions killed off the Readamatic.

Baby cage

In 1937, the cages were designed for members of the Chelsea Baby Club who had no gardens and lived at the top of high buildings.

Hamblin Glasses

Hamblin glasses, a pair of mirrored spectacles especially designed for reading in bed.

Aircraft Locators

Before the end of World War II, aircraft locators were used to detect planes by the sounds of their engines in the days before radar.

Onion nuggets

In the 1970s, McDonald’s introduced this fried snack that replaced chicken with chopped onions. It didn’t last very long.


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