Chinese netizens praise Pakistan, its police & people

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April 17,2019

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ISLAMABAD: Chinese travellers, businessmen and corporate expatriates, who visited or stayed in Pakistan have praised the country and its people.

This was stated by a Chinese Muslim lady, named Ayesha Eva Zheng in her tweet.

She said that the Chinese people started streaming on China's top video sharing platform ‘Douyin’, promoting Pakistan’s natural beauty, its rich culture and its warm and welcoming people. They widely appreciate the services and good will gestures of Pakistani friends.

The tweets are getting millions likes from Chinese netizens.

Ayesha Eva Zheng said in her tweet: “A group of Chinese cross-border road travellers greet Pakistani police escort on the way, they posted this clip on China's video streaming platform, it has got 882,200 likes and 15,000 comments within 24 hours. Vedio Credit: Yang Xiaolong”.

In another tweet, she said that “Chinese travellers, businessmen n corporate expatriates who hv visited or stayed in Pakistan, start streaming on China's top video sharing platform Douyin, promoting Pakistan’s natural beauty, rich culture n its warm&welcoming people, getting millions likes from Chinese netizens”.


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