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April 12,2019

Apparently, a person who is loud enough and aggressive is considered a strong and confident than others.....

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Gentleness, in my opinion, is a great strength even though people who are gentle are considered weak - unable to protect, defend, or fight for themselves.

Apparently, a person who is loud enough and aggressive is considered a strong and confident than others. If I think about it, gentle people are more firm in addressing challenging situations, and are flexible towards others as compared to a cruel or hateful person. They do not compete in negative ways or manipulate in order to get what they want.

Instead of recognising one’s ability to be gentle, people take it for granted; they take advantage of such people. So a lot of people choose outrageous behaviour over gentleness. This thing has, unfortunately, become a part of our culture. By doing this, they may achieve their short terms goals, the attention they seek, or the control they want to exert. But, deep inside they can never be happy or at peace.

Aafia Tehrim


Hey Ed,

The article “Need of the hour” (April 5) was an interesting read.

We already say that students and parents are suffering at the hands of so many educational boards in boards and now there is another Ziauddin Board. I think we need quality education more we need boards.

And I completely disagree with the writer; Ziauddin Board isn’t the “need of the hour”.

Another thing is: how can you come up with an examination board when you haven’t designed your education system that includes textbooks and curriculum? It just feels like a business venture.

Tariq Shoaib, Karachi


Narrated by Abdullah bin Amr (R.A)

I heard the Prophet (S.A.W) saying, “Allah will not deprive you of knowledge after he has given it to you, but it will be taken away through the death of the religious learned men with their knowledge. Then there will remain ignorant people who, when consulted, will give verdicts according to their opinions whereby they will mislead others and go astray.”

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 9, Book 92, Number 410


Lubna Khalid

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