China welcomes Modi’s message on Pakistan Day

March 26,2019

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BEIJING: Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Geng Shuan said here on Monday at regular news briefing that his country welcomes congratulatory message of Prime Minister Modi to his Pakistani counterpart on Pakistan Day.

When his attention was drawn towards Indian Prime Minister’s congratulatory message received by Prime Minister Imran Khan of the Day, he said “The Chinese side has taken note of the relevant reports and welcomed the mutual goodwill of the leaders of India and Pakistan.

China supports the two sides to maintain contact and stabilize the situation, resolve differences and improve relations through dialogue. China is willing to continue to play a constructive role in this regard.”

About China’s role in defusing Indo-Pak tension, the spokesman said, “our position is consistent and clear. India and Pakistan are important countries in South Asia.

“We hope that India and Pakistan can maintain friendly relations and cooperation and properly resolve their problems through dialogue and consultation.

China is willing to maintain friendly relations with India and Pakistan at the same time. We are also willing to play a constructive role in promoting dialogue and cooperation between India and Pakistan,” he added. To question about Xinjinag, he said, ´In order to enhance the international community’s understanding of Xinjiang’s economic and social development achievements, China has invited many diplomatic envoys in China and some foreign media to visit Xinjiang.

The visitors personally experienced the true situation of the peaceful and peaceful people of Xinjiang and the people of all ethnic groups living and working in peace and contentment, and actively evaluated the Chinese policy of governing Xinjiang.

There are also reports on the media. As for the criticism of the Chinese officials against the Chinese side, it is completely inconsistent with the facts and it is purely rumor.”

The spokesman reiterated that at present, Xinjiang is politically stable, economically developed, socially harmonious, and the people live and work in peace and contentment. We resolutely oppose the US intervention in China’s internal affairs through the issue of Xinjiang.


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