PTI releases first patriotic rap song on Pakistan Day

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March 23,2019

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has paid tribute to Prime Minister Imran, armed forces and the people of Pakistan In a first of its kind rap song.

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Pakistan's ruling Tehreek-e-Insaf has released first rap song on the occasion of Pakistan Day to pay tribute to the services of Prime Minister Imran Khan, nation's revered Armed Forces and the people of Pakistan.

In a first of its kind rap song, the patriotic anthem talks about Pakistan as a peace-loving country in the face of war drums.

The unique song also highlights the valour of Pakistani pilot, Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui who downed Indian jet, as well as the country's hospitality to even the enemies.

Having a catchy tune, the rap song echoes with the punch line 'Salaam Pakistan'.

"On #PakistanDay a tribute to PM IK, Pakistan Armed Forces, and the people of Pakistan for being a peace loving nation in the face of war drums. Our First Patriotic rap song, from the streets, and on a Pakistani music platform," wrote PTI's official twitter handle.

Meanwhile the entire nation is reveling in the spirit of freedom on Pakistan Day with immense zeal and fervour.

The day dawned with an impressive parade by the military and other armed forces.


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