Legal circles raise questions about Asad Munir’s death

March 18,2019

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ISLAMABAD: The late Brig (retd) Asad Munir had been attached with sensitive departments in the past, and he was also considered an expert on Afghanistan defense affairs.

According to the information made available here, there is lot of speculations about his death under mysterious circumstances. Some circles believe that National Accountability Bureau (NAB) pressure could be the cause of his committing suicide. He was accused to restoring a cancelled plot in F-11 sector as the Capital Development Authority (CDA) member state. An inquiry was initiated against him and other officers of your society in 2013. In March 2016, he was summoned by NAB for only once. Asad Munir also mentioned the incident in his twitter account on March 28, 2018 and sent its copy to his friend Inamullah Khattak.

Khattak shared a message on his social media account on Saturday which went viral, saying that those claiming that Asad was worried about being summoned by NAB again and again, were telling lies. He said Asad Munir was of strong nerves. He also attached Asad Munir’s message with his tweet, which said: “I recorded my statement in 2016; no one after that called me.”

Some legal circles are also raising the following questions:- According to family sources, Asad Munir kept talking to his wife till 2am in the night, and at 4:30am, she saw his body hanging by a fan. (2) She neither informed the police nor any family member after find the body, and took it to a hospital on her own, thus spoiling the crime scene. (3) The family members did not allow the hospital administration to conduct a postmortem, which was a responsibility of the police. (4) The letter being attributed to Asad Munir does not carry the signatures of the deceased. The legal circles question the authenticity of the letter without the signatures of the deceased.

It is being claimed that Asad Munir was disturbed by the NAB investigations. But one must keep it in his mind that Asad was not an ordinary person. He was a retired brigadier and during his armed forces service he had served at sensitive posts and also worked as a senior CDA official. He also worked at NAB Rawalpindi office. He had various friends in the media. Being an analyst, he used to sit on TV channels and comment on various issues. He used to comment Afghan issues.

However, he never said anything about such a pressure from NAB authorities. His articles on Afghan defence matters were published in different newspapers.

It is worth mentioning here that his daughter had shown sympathies with such elements about which the defence forces of Pakistan had serious reservations. Few days back, a nationalist activist was killed in mysterious circumstance in Islamabad and a ceremony was held in this regard.


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