‘Shoaib wanted to buy a tall building’

June 01,2015

Builders were perturbed by him; became part of international hackers; state institutions borrowed his services

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KARACHI: Axact CEO Shoaib Sheikh started his practical life in a two-roomed flat in Amin Manzil in front of Garden police picket. During his primary education, he used to tell his friends that he will become the biggest don in the world.
Sheikh did not spare Sohail, son of his friend Builder Haji. Sohail would take Sheikh around Karachi and show him the beach on his motorcycle as Sheikh did not have a motorcycle at that time but he used to say that he would buy Habib Plaza one day.
At that time, Habib Plaza was freshly built and was the tallest building in Pakistan. Sheikh used to tell Sohail that his father cannot make money as money is made with brain while his father used to be a builder.
At the start of his career, he made an NGO in collaboration with KBCA officials and builders were offended by it. His father was a low-level lawyer whose practice was not very successful. Sheikh benefited from his father’s experience and got cases registered against different builders and earned millions of rupees.
He lodged a case of building encroachments against his friend Sohail and got him locked up. Sohail’s father died and he still works at a small level. He is so afraid of Sheikh that he is not ready to say anything about him on the record or stand witness against him. Sheikh earned a lot of money from builders in Karachi from 1996 to 2002 and now he is counted among the best hackers in Pakistan.
He was spotted by international hackers who called him to the US. Later, he succeeded in making his own group of Asian hackers that had members from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. At that time, Israeli, American and British hacker groups were attacking sensitive websites of Pakistan. State institutions then called him back home on his own terms which were very tough, to counter these hackers.
Upon his return in 2006, a plot was bought, a building built and gifted to Sheikh in the name of Axact. Sheikh got to know weaknesses of state institutions and started exploiting them. In his illegal activities are included money laundering, fake degrees and pornography. State institutions issued him warnings many times but Sheikh did not budge. Ultimately, FIA took him to jail.
Axact officials denied these allegations, saying that Sheikh is an intelligent and hardworking man and he has achieved this status through hard work. They say all these allegations are propaganda against him.


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