Music classes begin today

February 23,2019

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Islamabad: National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage, Lok Virsa will start four month music classes including ‘bansuri’, ‘rubab’, ‘tabla’, ‘sitar’, ‘harmonium’ and singing here from today (Saturday) for music lovers and upcoming singers.

The classes will be held on weekends for encouraging the music lovers to be a part of this opportunity and take time out to learn an instrument. Music maestros including Adnan Haider for ‘rubab’, Salman Adil for ‘bansuri’, Nazakat Ali for Harmonium and Singing, Amanat Ali for ‘tabla’ and Amir Hussain for Sitar classes will transfer their expertise to the amateur musicians through basic and advanced skills. Lok Virsa has the mandate to preserve, document and promote cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible).

It is focusing on the promotion of folk heritage of Pakistan in a way that is relevant to people of all ages and backgrounds and to provide more meaning, depth and rootedness in life. The promotion of folk heritage will also create more space for expressing diversity within our culture, asserting cultural autonomy and dignity and could contribute towards being a stronger democracy and a stronger nation, said the organizers.

Salman Adil will conduct flute classes. He has been practicing and teaching flute for several years. A master musician, Salman will guide the participants about holding the ‘bansuri’ and basics, folk song tune, advanced folk tunes and beginning of classical music understanding, reading written notes to follow for playing more songs and preparation for a performance with the basics, to advance skills of playing Flute tunes to first time learners.

He has taught all the previous students of flute at Lok Virsa music classes. Adnan Haider, who is a master ‘rubab’ player from Parachinar, Kurram Agency, will conduct ‘rubab’ classes. He has learnt Rubab from Ustad Gulab Afridi and has been practicing this craft for the past 12 years.

He is well-known for his renditions of Pashtu tunes and has performed at prestigious platforms in Pakistan and abroad. He will teach the students about holding and Sargam, folk tunes, beginning with Raag Bilawal and preparation for a performance. Nazakat Ali will teach basics of classical music, introduction to Raag Ayman, familiarizing students with popular songs composed in Ayman and preparation for a performance, Amanat Ali will guide his students about holding of the ‘tabla’, Teen Taal, Daadra, preparation for a performance, Amir Hussain will tell students about holding the Sitar and Sargam/Mizrab, folk tune, familiarizing students with popular songs and preparation for a performance.


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