Samina Noreen: Chiniot's first woman constable fighting crime audaciously

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February 22, 2019

Samina has become the first and only woman to join the police force in Chiniot at the tender age of 19.

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Chiniot's Samina Noreen is not just any ordinary woman. An epitome of relentless valour and heroism, Samina holds the stature of being the first woman constable to have been appointed in the city of Chiniot.

With this incredible feat, Samina has become the first and only woman to join the police force in Chiniot at the tender age of 19.

While she has rose to prominence in the recent past, the formidable daughter of the soil, in an interview with an international publication, divulged details about her life.

Speaking to media Samina shared, "I am the first girl from my village who was allowed to go to school.

According to Samina, the journey of becoming the first woman constable coming from a underprivileged area was extremely challenging.

When her parents faced backlash on letting her attend school, Samina did not give up hopes and travelled every day for 11 kilometres on foot to school.

The young woman says she credits her achievements to her father, who despite being a daily-wage labourer, encouraged his children to acquire education.

"I found the most support in my father who believes that girls should be given equal education opportunities as boys in this rapidly developing world," Samina added.

Recalling the most precious and memorable day of her life, Samina reveals she still distinctly remembers when her elder brother came home one day with a newspaper in hand that had a job advertisement for a police constable post.

"My brother urged me to apply for the job and I did. Shortly after I was selected, after which I even successfully cleared the training session," she said.

An FSc graduate, Samina aspires to complete her bachelor's degree and a pharmacy learning course too.

"Having been appointed as a police constable indicates my first step towards the entry into police force. My dream and that of my parents will get fulfilled when I will clear Punjab Public Service Commission exam and be appointed as an officer," Samina stated.

A role model for all women hailing from rural areas, Samina serves as a source of inspiration for all mothers who wish to see their daughter reach the pinnacle of success like her.

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