Call to focuson health,education reforms

February 19,2019

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LAHORE : The government needs to ensure merit policy for the socio-economic justice and bring reforms in all sectors focusing on health and education sectors.

These views were expressed by the experts in the Jang Economic Session on ‘In which sector reforms are required for employment’. The panellists were Dr Ehsan Malik, Maaz Mehmood, Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema, Hussain Ahmed Sherazi, Dr Shazia Iqbal and Tabassum Anwar. The session was hosted by Sikandar Lodhi.

Dr Ehsan Malik said that appointment of right person for right job could revive public confidence in the institutions which should not be delayed. He said investment in human resource would benefit the country and resolve unemployment issue. He suggested opening of hiring in the government departments and ending the culture of extension to retired officials, besides linking the universities with industries for need-based human resource production.

Maaz Mehmood said that every sector was facing uncertainty in current economic situation which resulted in increase of unemployment and social issues. He said business community had high hopes with sincerity of Prime Minister but there was need of implementable policies. He said textile, auto sector and tourism can generate employment while reduction in purchasing power is affecting the economy. He said facilitations to local industry were vital to increase the exports.

Jamshaid Iqbal Cheema said that SME, tourism, IT, livestock, agriculture and horticulture should be focused on for employment generation. He said five million people are rich and highly educated and they should be given chance to serve the government for better results so better use of human resource policy can resolve issues. He said Pakistani agriculture sector has huge potential which needs to be exploited. He said the current government focused on SME sector and facilitated food processing sector.

Hussain Ahmed Sherazi said that unemployment was root cause of many evils and there was need of education reforms besides practical initiatives for agriculture and industry. He said that every year Pakistan needs 2 to 3 million new jobs and current government promised for it many times which needs to be implemented now. He alleged that local economy was affected with undue favours to China while cheap and nonstop electricity and gas should be ensured to industry for economic betterment. He believed that socio-economic justice and education reforms could produce better results.

Dr Shazia Iqbal said that education system was root cause of all issues in the country as private sector stepped in education business while constitutionally state was responsible for education. She said giving degrees to young generation should not be the objective rather skill development should also be ensured. She called for reforming public schools education and focusing on vocational and technical education for economic betterment. She demanded engaging education sector stakeholders in education reforms for better results.

Tabassum Anwar said that women played vital role in economy but it was ignored. She called for engaging women in economic activities. She suggested business opportunities to skilled workforce, besides two-yearfree training for the degree holders in their respective fields after completion of the degrees.


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