French scholar for revisiting New World Order

February 18,2019

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LAHORE : Professor Bertrand Badie, an eminent French scholar on International Relations, stressed the need for revisiting the New World Order from the perspective of emerging international conflicts, where war is dramatically redefining power politics.

Addressing at “Visitor in Town series” programme of National School of Public Policy (NSPP) here, he said that even though historically war had been regarded as an instrument of asserting, consolidating and maintaining balance of power, yet in the present era power politics had been replaced by weakness politics, whereby state and nation’s weaknesses trigger conflict, and lack of solidarity and social integration tends to push societies into a constant state of war.

War is no longer defined by competing powers but is a consequence of weakness and social disintegration, he said and added that in this paradigm shift, power had become powerless and weakness was the new force resetting world order.


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