Summary of ‘sin tax’ on cigarettes, beverages sent to ECC

December 10,2018

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ISLAMABAD: A summary of imposing a ‘sin tax’ on cigarettes and beverages has been sent to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC).

The summary proposes Rs10 tax on a cigarette pack and Re1 tax on a beverage bottle. Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved sending of the summary to the ECC. It is expected that the summary will be presented in the next meeting of the ECC.

According to Health Ministry’s summary, the money obtained from ‘sin tax’ will be utilised for health insurance scheme. The tax money will also be utilised for treatment patients affected by serious diseases.

In Pakistan, 15.6 million people use tobacco. Tobacco causes some 108,800 deaths every year, i.e. 298 per day. Some 1,500 youngsters start smoking in Pakistan every day. The summary said the sin tax will prove helpful in reducing the use of tobacco.


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