WATCH: 'PMLN supporter' selling eggs backs PM Imran's statement

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December 05, 2018

PM Imran Khan was mocked for his statement which he made during his speech at an event that marked PTI's 100 days in power.

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Only a poor can understand the importance of what Imran Khan said about eggs, says a man who sells boiled eggs in the streets of the federal capital.

In a video being circulated on the social media, the man introduces himself as a security guard at shopping mall in Islamabad.

"I sell boiled eggs as a part time job after completing duty hours at the shopping mall," he said pointing to a water cooler containing the eggs.

Although he is a supporter of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, he lends support to Imran Khan's statement of developing poultry business in the country.

He said by selling eggs he earns enough to support his family and bear education expenses of his five boys who study at a local school.

"My children are intelligent and one of them topped in the exam," said he adding that he doesn't need any loans or financial assistance to support his family as he earn enough money through the job at mall and after selling eggs .

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