Fair share in gas supply demanded

November 16,2018

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KARACHI: The SITE Association of Industry (SAI) on Thursday demanded the government to provide gas to Sindh in accordance with the Constitution of Pakistan.

The Association’s President Saleem Parekh quoted Article 158 of the Constitution titled “Priority of requirements of natural gas”, and said that it was crystal clear in the constitution that a gas producing province should have precedence over other parts of the country.

It was unfortunate that Sindh, which produces 73 percent of total gas in Pakistan, consumed only 29 percent of the gas it produces.

“Today, gas production in Sindh stands at 2,900mmcf, while only 1,200mmcf is being provided to the gas producing province,” he added. He said government has announced incentives for five zero-rated sectors aiming to boost exports, although those not zero-rated were also an essential part of the export value chain.


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