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September 12,2018

ECP dismisses petition seeking removal of 'N' from PMLN’s name


ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has dismissed petitions seeking de-notification of Pakistan Muslim league’s (N) registration under the name of Nawaz.

The commission announcing its reserved verdict on Wednesday rejected four petitions in that regard and rejected an application seeking to remove the N from the PML-N''s name, along with three others seeking the cancellation of PML-N''s registration.

The ECP had reserved its verdict in all the four cases on September 10 this year.

The petitions were filed by Khurram Nawaz Gandapur, Abarar Raza, Makhdoom Niaz Inkalabi and Abdul Waheed.

The ECP ruled that the party would remain registered as PML-N.

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