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September 12,2018

Woman accused of beating underage maid identified as Indian: Shireen Mazari

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Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari has stated on Wednesday that the woman accused of brutally beating an underage house-maid has been identified by the Federal Investigative Agency (FIA) as an Indian living in Chandigarh.

Informing the news on Twitter, Mazari wrote:

This came after a video started doing rounds on the social media last week showcasing a woman thrashing a girl ruthlessly for making ‘more tea than needed’.

This prompted action, as the minister, requesting people to help her identify the woman tweeted:

“Can anyone help identify who this woman is and where she is based? Need this info to act.”

The video shows the then-unidentified woman hurling abuses at a domestic helper, who apparently a minor, starts crying over the woman’s ruthless behaviour and slapping.

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