Rain lashes twin cities at night

September 12,2018

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Islamabad: With the monsoon season in its last leg, it rained heavily in Islamabad and Rawalpindi early on Tuesday leaving slushy mess and puddles on roads. The rainfall began at around 1:30am and lasted quite sometime.

The Met Office recorded the maximum of 39 millimetres rainfall in twin cities and forecast more rains in coming days.

Islamabad's Saidpur area received 39mm rain, Zero Point 38mm, Golra 18mm and Bokra 2mm and Rawalpindi's Shamsabad 39mm and Chaklala 28mm.

The poor drainage caused rainwater to stand at metro bus stations and in underpasses inconveniencing motorists and commuters. Sanitation workers were seen draining rainwater from the metro bus stations and mopping floors next morning.

At some places, the fibreglass ceilings leaked rainwater, which caused escalators at some metro bus stations to break down.

The downpour lowered temperatures and thus, bringing little relief from hit, humid weather.

In Islamabad, the maximum temperature remained 33°C and the minimum 21°C in the day.


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