Going green

September 12,2018

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has voiced his concerns over the power crisis. He must take the following proposed solutions into account. Attabad Lake, which is situated in Gojal Valley, has sufficient water that can be used to generate electricity. In order to overcome this crisis, all available resources must be tapped so that the energy shortfall can be overcome. Solar energy is one option to deal with the energy crisis. Producing solar panels locally will enable villages in remote areas to gain access to electricity and solar tubewells. Bulk production will ensure that solar panels are available at affordable prices.

Both the federal and provincial governments must extend full support to researchers so that budget-friendly solar panels can be made available to all. In addition, academia must be involved in all energy-related projects to ensure that innovative and creative ideas can also be included. Universities must ask students to display energy-related projects.

Engr Riaz Akbar

Wah Cantt


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