Time to train

September 12,2018

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There is no denying the fact that training programmes for teachers ensure impart relevant skills and improve their classroom performance. While a large number of private schools have opened up across the country, many teachers are under-qualified. Many of them are unaware of the effective teaching techniques and are reluctant to learn skills that could help them improve their own work. Instead, most untrained teachers tend to blame the entire education system. More often than not, they attribute poor academic results on the nature of the syllabus and criticise students for not taking interests in their studies. A majority of teachers fail to pinpoint the flaws of their ineffective teaching methods and resort to bullying their students. They are also averse to the idea of continuous professional development, which is an essential part of any education system in the world.

The Quaid-e-Azam Academy of Educational Development in Lahore has been launched to provide extensive training programmes, which are instrumental in enhancing the capacity-building of government schoolteachers. The willingness of the relevant authorities to actively identify problems and devise solutions to tackle these issues should be viewed as a positive development to improve the education sector.

Muhammad Fayyaz



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