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September 11,2018

Private schools in Sindh ordered to return extra fees

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Karachi: Private schools have been ordered to refund the extra charged fees to parents/ guardians of students, the education department announced citing an order from Sindh High Court.

Schools being reluctant in returning the extra money will be cancelled of their registration, the order cites.

In its verdict announced on September 3, SHC had barred private schools from increasing their tuition fee more than 5% and termed it illegal.

In cognizance over the matter, the lawyer representing students’ parents told the three-judge larger bench, that the fees paid to teachers do not even make up 50% of the school expenditure.

The counsel stated that the school earnings should be considered with regards to their expenditure.

To this, the additional advocate general contended that the raise in the school fees was in defense of basic rights, adding that the authority to increase school fee should rest with the provincial government.

However, the apex bench went to declare an increase of more than five per cent in school fees as illegal.

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