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September 11,2018

Meera donates to dam funds, spends day with special children

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KARACHI: After notable celebrities nationwide pitched money to donate to Diamer Bhasha Dam Funds, Pakistani actress Meera, notorious for being embroiled in one controversy or another otherwise, has also announced to donate PKR 25,000 for the cause.

Meera made the announcement on a visit to a special children’s school. Sharing about her experience about her time with the kids, Meera took to twitter to post:

“It was wonderful to celebrate the day with special kids today .#karachi.”

“We have to treat all kids equally. We need to all work together to shun the special treatment rich kids receive. #EqualityForAllKids,” she wrote in another post.

The ‘Nazar’ starlet even lauded 'Zainab Rehabilitation Centre' for its philanthropic work of educating special children and urged others to play their part in it too.

Meera also sang praises for the new PTI government, saying that change in the country has already started and in the next five years Pakistan will undergo more favourable, positive changes hopefully.

It should also be noted that on Monday the 41-year-old actress, who has always criticised actress Mahira Khan, actually went ahead to commend her for the recent humanitarian work she has started for Afghan refugees with UNHCR.

Looks like Meera finally has taken a cue from Mahira for something.

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