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September 10,2018

Sherry Reman takes a dig at PTI govt over FT clarification

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ISLAMABAD: PPP leader Senator Sherry Rehman took a dig at Imran Khan government on Monday after it issued a clarification regarding a Financial Times report on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Abdul Razak Dawood, the Prime Minister’s advisor on commerce, textiles, industries and investment, contradicted the report published in Financial Times on September 9th with the title “Pakistan rethinks its role in China’s Belt and Road plan”.

Dawood said that his statements were taken out of context, adding during the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, the two had stressed on advancing the enterprise.

He reiterated that the country’s commitments to CPEC would remain the same and would be honored.

The report claimed that Pakistan was contemplating evaluating the CPEC agreement with China claiming that Beijing-owned corporations were being given unfair benefits.

Responding to government’s clarification, PPP leader Ms Rehman noted that it was not the first time the new PTI government had to explain its position on key issues.

She said that the latest controversy regarding CPEC had surfaced in the middle of Chinese Foreign Minister’s visit to Paksitan.

“First there was a clarification on message from India. Then there was one on the US phone call, followed by spin so long it drowned the message. Now there’s a clarification on CPEC. Bang in the middle of China FM visit. FO personnel must be slapping foreheads in unison,” she tweeted.

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