Karachi’s top cop plans reward and punishment system

September 10,2018

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Karachi police chief Amir Ahmed Shaikh has planned to introduce a system of rewared and punishment in the police department and change the colour of police mobiles of all the three ranges of his force.

Talking to The News on Sunday, he said law and order in the city was much better now than before, but there was a small increase in motorcycle theft cases.

To substantiate his claims, the additional inspector general of police shared the crime statistics compiled by the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) and the Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC).

The statistics show that snatchings of four-wheelers have decreased by nine per cent this year with 142 vehicles taken away since January 2018, as compared to the previous year when 156 were vehicles were snatched.

A decrease by 13 per cent has been witnessed in motorcycle-snatchings this year when 1,486 two-wheelers were taken away, as compared to 2017 when 1,693 motorcycles were snatched. According to the statistics, cellphone-snatchings have fallen by 4.32 per cent till September 2018 with 10,421 cellphones snatched, and compared to 2017 when 10,892 cellphones had been robbed.

Additional IGP Shaikh said his force was working to decrease this crime by 60 per cent to 70 per cent in the coming months.

He added that since his posting as Karachi police chief in August, the snatchings of vehicles had dropped by 42 per cent with only 10 vehicles snatched. Likewise, 189 motorcycles had been snatched since August as compared to 238 motorcycles taken away in the corresponding period last year, a decrease by 21 per cent.

Cellphone-snatchings was said to have also fallen by 13 per cent with 1,462 cellphones snatched, as compared to 1,682 taken away in the corresponding period last year.

Since August 12, the police have conducted 36 encounters, with 35 gangs busted, five criminals killed and 81arrested. Moreover, 166 proclaimed offenders and 1,339 absconders have also been arrested in the same period. A Kalashnikov, 434 pistols, five rifles, 21 shotguns and repeaters, nine bombs and hand grenades were seized in raids.

The city’s top cop said he was also planning speedy targeted operations against criminals and was forming a team in this regard.

The Karachi operation was moving in a proper direction but it needed to be expedited and pursued more vigorously, he added.

He stated that since he had taken charge of office, Independence Days celebrations, Eidul Azha and other events had taken place and a rush

situation witnessed at recreational spots, including Sea View and Aladin Park,due towhich he had been concentrating on ensuring security and had directed the police officials to adopt extra security measures to avert any act of terrorism or any untoward situation. The officials were successful in ensuring the events passed peacefully, he said. Reward and punishment

Additional IGP Shaikh has planned to introduce a new reward and punishment system and launch operations against vice dens within the jurisdictions of various police stations.

In this regard, he said he had already issued strict directives to immediately demolish all vice dens running in various districts of Karachi. He said he had also talked to the Anti-Narcotics Force head for joint operations against these elements.

He had planned a meeting with different respectable dignitaries of the city and would install CCTV cameras which would linked with the Madadgar 15 so as to ensure that wherever crime occurred the task force could immediately respond to the situation.

New colour for each zone

On a query, the police chief said that to overcome illegal abductions of citizens and bribery cases, he had decided to change the colour of the police mobiles of all three ranges. For South Zone, the colour would now be blue and new colours would be given to East and West zones. Also the colour of the Investigation Department Madadgar 15’s vehicles would also be changed.

Shaikh stated that he had also planned to provide a different registration number for each department with serial numbers of 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, so that it was easy to check which police station or unit had carried out a raid and if a citizen had been abducted or illegally detained by cops.

He cited an example of a recent incident involving a station house officer (SHO) of a police station in District Central in which the latter raided a house in Korangi, abducted a youngster and later demanded a handsome amount of money from the mother, a widow, for his release.

He said that when he learnt of the incident, he inquired about the detainee who was found innocent. At this, he said he dismissed the SHO.

The police chief added that such practices were much seen in the Investigation Department where there were complaints of investigation officers being hand in gloves with criminals as well as of them taking handsome amounts to manipulate the case and benefit to criminals in getting bail.

To stop this malpractice, he said, he had held a meeting with investigation officers and heard them regarding their issues. He issued directions to them not to spare any officer found negligent in performing their duty and also submit a report on why criminals managed to get bail.

Shaikh also ordered providing computers, printers and photostat machines to the Investigation Department. He also gave two mobiles and two motorcycles to the investigation unit of each police station.

He said he had told them that whenever they carried out a raid, a team of eight to 10 officials should go and it was the duty of the station investigation officer to update the Crime Record Office (CRO) and record-keeping. Moreover, at the police station, the duty officer and the investigation officer would remain available for 24 hours so to facilitate the public.

As regards releasing the investigation cost of each case, the addition IGP said that to streamline the process of the distribution of investigation cost, they had planned to make it computerised by preparing a software which could monitor the distribution and utilisation of funds.

He added that it was also noticed that in high-profile and other major criminal cases, case files went missing, and the IO usually came up with the explanation that these files were a case property and submitted in the court and that they had no record of them.

To address this problem, Shaikh said he had directed the relevant officials to make a duplicate file of the case whenever it was ready to be submitted to the court, and to also put that record into the police station’s computer so that whenever any case details were needed they could be made available immediately.

Black sheep in force

Addressing a ceremony, which was attended by DIGs, SSPs and other police offices, Additional IGP Shaikh said black sheep in the police department, supporting criminals, had been given ample time to mend their ways, but now the situation had become intolerable.

“One hundred out of a 36,000-strong police force are tarnishing the department’s reputation,” he said.


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