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September 11,2018

Way to go!

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Despite all the glass ceilings, Pakistani women have proved the world wrong with their groundbreaking achievements time and again. They have managed to contribute greatly to society, and their accomplishments are not confined to a particular field as they strive to bring about change across different areas and inspire others the world over. From social workers to entrepreneurs, we have many amazing women breaking barriers every day, and now we have one more name added to the list. Recently, Shanaz Ramzi, CEO of Starlinks PR & Events, bagged a gold award in the category of ‘Female CEO of the Year’ in the ‘CEO World Awards’ and a silver award in the category for ‘PR agency Achievement of the Year’ in the ‘PR World Awards’ at the Silicon Valley United States (SVUS) Award ceremony held in San Francisco, USA .

PR World Awards is a premier awards programme that recognises Public Relations and internal PR departments and teams of companies from all over the world. The coveted annual CEO World Awards and PR World Awards programme encompasses the world’s best in innovation, communication, organisational performance, new products and services, corporate social responsibility, and milestones from every major industry in the world. Shanaz Ramzi, a renowned name in the industry, started her company with a vision to redefine the role of PR in Pakistan. It proudly claims to be the pioneers in bridging the gap between PR & Corporate Social Responsibility. It constantly endeavours to assist their clients in engaging and strengthening their relationships with their stakeholders and society as a whole. Since its inception in November 2015, the company has grown exponentially. With numerous events under the belt, the team comprises enthusiastic individuals. In spite of the diverse backgrounds, all envisage one goal: to strive for excellence. On this prestigious occasion, Shanaz Ramzi thanked her biggest client, her dedicated team, and her family and friends for all their love and support, and for making this dream possible


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