What’s haute, what’s not...

Adeela Akmal
September 11,2018

This week You! takes a look at some of the hottest style trends straight from the star-studded red carpet of the recently held award ceremony...

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This week You! takes a look at some of the hottest style trends straight from the star-studded red carpet of the recently held award ceremony...

When it comes to styling and fashion, one either looks at runways of fashion shows or the red carpets of award ceremonies. These are the quintessential platforms to draw inspiration for an outfit that will stand out; especially when it comes to your formal wear. Lucky for us, celebs are serving up some bold and stylish looks just in time for the festive season. To help you pull off these star-status trends, we head on down to the red carpet of the recently held Style Awards 2018. While we have a lot to choose from, there are certain style statements that you can’t really wear in real life. But, if you pay attention, you can garner some pretty worthwhile real-life fashion tips. And that’s exactly what we have rounded up for you. From fierce monochromatic colours, to fun and vibrant accessories, here is the perfect style guide for you that is sure to get you all the right kind of attention at your next soiree.

Misbah Mumtaz adds pizzazz to her
outfit with a statement necklace and scarf.

Red vibes

There’s no denying the power of wearing this bright colour. It will make you feel instantly more confident, bold, and - obviously - daring. It’s the perfect colour to warm you up, and also guaranteed to get you noticed, no matter the occasion. However, there is a fine line between fabulous and overdoing your look if you opt for a fiery red. Several celebrities went for it but only few managed to pull it off. Sadaf Kanwal looked smouldering with a satin sheath dress paired with large jewel studs and a sleek top knot. With fall right around the corner, this might be a hot colour for the season that you can incorporate in your wardrobe.

Another red ensemble that’s worth taking inspiration from is Zoe Vicaji’s stylish separates. A plain red top paired with embroidered pants gave a classy yet trendy feel.

Moreover, you can go bolder with your look adding smokey eyes and a red lip, or tone it down with some subtle makeup, depending on the vibe you want to exude.

Statement pieces

Sometimes, all it takes to turn heads at an event is one standout fashion piece. Statement accessories are the easiest way to give your ensemble some character. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like to make a lot of effort with your outfit, then this is the fashion tip for you. Whether it’s your clutch or a chunky piece of jewellery, any attire can be completely transformed with an addition of some pizzazz.

Soft makeup with a pinky lip complements Fahmeen Ansari’s black gown perfectly.

The trick is to stick to a neutral outfit, like an all black separate piece worn by Misbah Mumtaz, and accessorise boldly from there. The model streamlined the look by a chunky necklace and then mixed it up with a matching multi-colour scarf; while keeping minimal makeup to balance her look. A bolder version of this look at the red carpet was pulled off by Seemi Pasha. She gracefully carried a fitted tribal skirt over a black top, paired with bright yellow heels and a red lip. We’re absolutely digging it!

Sparkly accents

Wearing bright colours, which we always see on the carpet, is another fun way to show off your personal style. One trend that never seems to die on the red carpet is sequins. Because, what is glamour without the sparkle? However, there’s no easier way to pull it off than finding strategic ways to incorporate some personality without going overboard. While some like to deck themselves in it, like Saba Qamar’s cream bespoke ensemble for the evening, and some like to keep it subtle, like Ainy Jaffri did with a dark ombre dress. They were both different takes of the same trend that you can adapt according to your taste. A quick tip would be to keep the hair soft and the makeup dewy to bring it all together.

Florals for the win

As the weather changes, we enjoy showing more skin and wearing vibrant lipsticks that bring out our skin tone. Dresses that feature flowers and floral patterns are often our spring and summer staples. While a floral dress is great in theory, the truth is that it may be a challenge to perfect. Flower patterns are hectic and full of colour. Which colour is best to pull out? How do you style your hair and pick your shoes or accessories? Mansha Pasha seems to have known what she was doing when she transformed the perfect summer dress into a chic evening gown. The cream and peachy floral gown looked super cute paired with minimalist jewellery and soft makeup.

Brighten up with jewel tones

Rich, luxurious colours like oxblood, emerald, navy, and fuchsia are just a few tones very frequently seen on the runways, and now they made their way to this very red carpet. Whether it was Sadaf’s studs or Nooray Bhatti’s gown, jewel tones were a perfect way to dress up and give a pop of colour to a rather normal outfit. Jewel tones are powerful enough to communicate by simply being a colour and when you use them as accents, you can easily layer and swap! Emerald green, amethyst, ruby red and topaz are the most popular jewel tones that are trending. Also, they can shine on their own or blend well with others. Hania Aamir and Iqra Aziz went for a monochrome dress which was a style statement in itself.

When in doubt... go for black

Black is the magic colour that makes everyone looking gorgeous. As wonderful as black is, there are some key points to remember when taking the plunge for an all-black look. You can either wear a dress that’s nice and snug on your body like Mehreen Syed, or opt for a smart top and pants like Zara Abid, who also wore a full-length coat on top. They both made a perfect choice for a classy and formal ensemble. With black, try to use a lighter and dewy makeup with a shimmery finish. Instead of trying to match your black look with dark lipstick; swipe on a shade of nude or a pinky lip gloss. Keeping your makeup soft and light doesn’t mean your look won’t match. It just helps add balance where it’s needed, just like it worked for Fahmeen Ansari.


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