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September 05,2018

Amir Khan all set to take on Colombian Samuel Vargas

Imran Munawar & Saima Haroon

London: King Khan and Vargas were out to perform a public workout in Rotunda Square, outside city’s iconic Bull Ring shopping centre. Hundreds of boxing fans flocked to Birmingham city centre to watch their favourite boxer up-close one last time before he meets his Colombia opponent Samuel Vargas this weekend in a showdown at Arena Birmingham.

The champion boxer will be back in the ring on Saturday after his blistering performance against Phil Lo Greco in April this year in Liverpool which only lasted for 39 seconds. This was Amir’s first fight in nearly two years while he’s out of action due to an injury.

The former unified light-welterweight world champion who’s been training in LA for more than two months was back in the UK few days ago is taking this fight against Vargas very seriously.

Speaking Exclusively to The News about his preparations and training Amir said, “I’ve trained in LA in USA for 10 weeks, it was a tough schedule did lot of running, swimming and boxing. Inshallah I will be ready. The fight against Vargas will be tough but I’ve prayers and support from everyone. I know I’ve trained very hard for this fight so nothing can go wrong and I really believe that I will win in style.”

Amir Khan is also setting sight on his fourth world title in Welterweight category by the end of this year. “My next fight after this will be for the world title; the fight against Vargas on Saturday is an interim fight before that so basically this fight is the one before the world title fight” said Amir who at the age of 17 became Britain’s youngest Olympic medallist in Athens in 2004.

“In my whole boxing career I’ve won world titles three times, one more fight & to win one more world title will be amazing for my career. I really belong up there as one of the world’s best fighters so I really believe that I can still go far and Inshallah I want to win another world title” added King Khan.

While Vargas was booed upon his arrival, King Khan received huge cheers from hundreds of fans who were standing there for nearly two hours to see a glimpse of the star boxer. When Amir entered in the ring for a workout he was warmly welcomed by his followers. Amir who recons Birmingham as his 2nd home due to huge fan following promised that he won’t disappoint his fans and they will witness the same sort of fireworks as his last fight.

Amir’s dad Shah Khan, brother Haroon Khan and uncle Tariq (Taz) were also present at the workout session.

Amir’s brother Haroon Khan who normally also trains with him wasn’t able to do so this time, speaking to The News Haroon said, “This time I’ve got an injury with my shoulder so I couldn’t be there with Amir but I’ve been watching him train while he was in the UK. He’s looking great, the speed is looking great, power is there and he’s ready to go. Saturday night comes and Inshallah he will get the knock out”.

Speaking that about Amir’s preparations for the fight, father Shah Khan told The News that he’s himself is more than satisfied.

“Mashallah….preparations are great, Amir just came back from LA few days ago where he was training for the fight for more than two months. Now he’s fully ready for the 12 rounds”, said Amir’s dad who himself came back from Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj.

“Preparations are for 12 rounds of fight but if Amir gets a good start he will knock his opponent out before that “, said a very optimistic Shah Khan.

He was overwhelmed about the support Amir was getting in Birmingham,” In fact not only in Birmingham or in UK but wherever Amir goes anywhere in world it’s the support and prayers of the fans which are behind his success besides his own hard work” added Amir’s Dad.

Both boxers will be officially weighed on Friday at Arena Birmingham, a day before the contest.

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