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September 07,2018

Ed, it was a great pleasure to see my younger sister, Sadia Kalsoom’s letter in Us (August 17)....

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Ed, it was a great pleasure to see my younger sister, Sadia Kalsoom’s letter in Us (August 17). It was she who introduced me to Us, back in early 2000s, and since then I’ve fallen in love with it.

Thank you for the cover story “Mastering the craft of Entrepreneurship” by Shermeen Zuberi. Please give such kind of guidance to the writers, too, which tells them how they can grow their audience using social media, earn a steady monthly income, upgrade themselves as writers, the important topics to write on, etc.

In the On Campus issue (August 10), I liked Farah Tiwana’s “A Selection of Allusions and References”. I tried to memorise the allusions with the intention of using them in my future writings.

Hina Narjis, Lahore

Salam Ed,

At the risk of sounding redundant, the August 3 issue was brilliant! The cover story stood out. Everybody aspiring to become CSS officers should read Asif Nawaz’s interview to experience what it is like to ace CSS. I have read many success stories, but it was different; people will advise you to study 10 hours a day, read every single news item in the paper and you should know everything about important historical events. The most ridiculous piece of advice I heard from my friend was: don’t even miss scanning through the newspaper that comes with your samosas. That’s why Asif’s interview made a lot more sense.

Babar Qureshi, Thatta

College in dilapidated condition

Dear Editor,

The miserable condition of Hub Inter College in Peerkas, Hub, clearly shows that the Government of Baluchistan is not interested in education. The college boundary wall is covered with different kinds of thorny trees which is now home to wild animals. The main gate is broken. Is the pathetic condition of the college even noted by the college administration? The promises of government for providing quality education in the province still remain a dream. Hub is a fast-developing city, yet no one is concerned about the condition of the college. I cannot help wondering about the state of educational institutions in less developed districts. I strongly request the new Government of Baluchistan to take urgent action and improve the situation.

Ahmed Kareem, Peerkas


Narrated by Abdullah (R.A)

When the verse: It is those who believe and do not confuse their belief with wrong ( i.e. joining others in worship with Allah (6.83) was revealed, we said, “O Allah’s Apostle (S.A.W)! Who is there amongst us who has not done wrong to himself?” He replied, “It is not as you say, for “wrong” in the verse and do not confuse their belief, with wrong means shirk (i.e. joining others in worship with Allah). Haven’t you heard Luqman’s saying to his son, “O my son! Join not others in worship with Allah, verily joining others in worship with Allah is a great wrong indeed.” (31.13)

Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 55, Number 580

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