Govt cuts fuel prices for Sept

September 01,2018

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ISLAMABAD: The government on Friday reduced the petroleum products’ prices which would be effective from September 1 (today) and remain in force till Sept 30 midnight.

Diesel has shed Rs6.37 per litre, petrol Rs2.41 per litre and kerosene Rs0.46 per litre, while Light Diesel Oil (LDO) price has been hiked by Rs0.59 a litre. The reduction has been made on the recommendation of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (Ogra).

In percentage terms, the diesel price has been reduced by 5.6pc, petrol 2.5 percent and kerosene 0.55 percent, while the LDO price has increased by 0.78 percent. With the reduction, diesel which is widely used in transport and agriculture sector, will now sell at Rs106.57 per liter from Rs112.94, petrol from Rs95.24 per liter to Rs92.83 per liter, and kerosene from Rs83.96 to Rs83.50 per liter.

Kerosene is used for cooking purpose, especially in remote areas where LPG or pipeline gas is not available. However, the LDO price has been increased from Rs75.37 to Rs75.96/liter. This fuel is mainly used for industrial purposes.


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