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August 29,2018

Maneka-DPO call recording surfaces

Imdad Hussain Bhatti

LAHORE: It is learnt Khawar Maneka had telephoned Rizwan Gondal, then DPO Pakpattan, to complain about the police misbehaviour, and now the recording of their conversation has also come to the fore.

Rizwan Gondal, meanwhile, has submitted his 10-page written statement to the investigation committee, but neither Maneka himself appeared not sent his counsel to the committee. Gondal also referred to his telephonic talk with Maneka in his statement.

Police sources said the law-enforcers had been alerted in the area for security reasons. Checking by police in the area annoyed Maneka, who called DPO Gondal on Aug 5 and complained. However, he did not submit any written complaint despite being asked by the DPO.

On Aug 23, the police signalled Khawar to stop at a picket, but he allegedly sped away. When the police chased him and forced him to stop, he allegedly abused the police party and again called the DPO, who asked the police party to let him go.

According to sources, later on upon a call from an important place, the Punjab chief minister summoned RPO and DPO to his office and sought details of the incident. Later, the DPO was suspended, but no action was taken against the police party which had actually stopped Khawar Maneka.

Meanwhile, the investigation committee has decided to get data of all phone calls between the former DPO and Maneka to ascertain the facts.

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