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August 26,2018

PTI govt’s decision of channels for kids, cricket lauded

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ISLAMABAD: The decision of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government to establish new channels for kids has been lauded widely by the masses with people calling it a ‘much needed’ development for the young ones.

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry on Saturday announced that the government has decided to launch ‘two new channels of PTV, a dedicated Sports Channel to cover all sports except Cricket and a dedicated channel for children under sixteen.’

The current PTV Sports channel will be rebranded as PTV Cricket, he further added and sought suggestions from the public.

People praised the proposal of the new government of a channel for children terming it a need of the hour as Pakistani media lack in content for the kids and they are bound to watch the foreign channels not meeting national cultural standards.

Nuzhat S. Siddiqi, a writer and environmental sociologist, tweeted: “OH MY GOD. A channel for children is MUCH NEEDED. Focused on indigenous story-telling, crafts, science, history, environment and geography. Please make this happen fawadchaudhry.”

The tweet of the information minister triggered a conversation with hundreds of people commenting on it with proposals as to who could be roped in for children-specific content and some questioning why the PTV Sports is in loss.

Former PML-N minister Marriyum Aurangzeb offered her assistance to the PTI stating that proposals for both are ready and you (Fawad Ch) can go through them so that you don’t waste time and reinvent the wheel and can launch them as soon as possible.

I would be happy to help if required, she tweeted.

Cricket enthusiast too, are happy on the announcement.

Sports statistician, Mazher Arshad advised the minister to bring back Urdu commentary on the national broadcaster.

“That's a great news. With two sports channels, it is now time to bring back Urdu commentary for international cricket matches and PSL. Also we need to improve the standard of broadcasting of domestic cricket. At least one match of each round of Quaid-e-Azam Trophy should be on TV.”

The ministry also taking measures to make the state media outlets free of government censorships.

Minister Fawad Chaudhry said “the government is ensuring that the opposition is duly covered by state-run news organizations and for the purpose we shall be giving representation to PPPP and PML-N in their BoDs, besides inducting independent professionals.”

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