Of tears, smiles, ring, rosary and waves

August 18,2018

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ISLAMABAD: Imran Khan was having tears of 'wonder-joy' on Friday after he was elected the 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan. There seemed purity in his tears brought on by spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

As a well-expected triumph was declared, Imran Khan started his maiden speech like an Opposition Leader in Lower House of the Parliament. In his victory speech, Imran Khan called a spade a spade as these tears were not a mark of his weakness, but of great power.

Monitoring Desk adds: Imran Khan's body language, gestures, posturing and signalling provided a lot of gossip material to television viewers during the live coverage of the prime ministerial elections on Friday, sparking a lively discussion on the social media. Confident of his victory well before the actual count, he was seen excessively smiling to himself, playing with the ring on his pinky, rolling his rosary and waving to his long-time friends from the United Kingdom seated in the parliament gallery. At other times, he was apparently overwhelmed with emotions, his eyes welled up and he was seen wiping them.


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