I-Day celebrations with new vigour after elections

August 09,2018

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LAHORE: The entire nation is geared up to celebrate the 71st Independence Day with a new vigour and enthusiasm, in the wake of a highly promising political change in the country, spearheaded by Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan, on its threshold.

Every Pakistani is bursting with excitement and expectations with the upcoming Imran Khan-led PTI government, as well as all, amid all sorts of apprehensions about the newcomers.The provincial capital, the centuries-old dwelling of the lively-hearted, is bustling with the Independence Day (I-Day) fervor as every street and road is decorated with the green and white flags waving in the wind all around the city.

In every street, on every road and at every market, men, women and kids can be seen shopping at the makeshift I-Day related paraphernalia shops to celebrate this most prestigious occasion with a great nationalist passion. Kids can be seen insisting their parents for buying flags, buntings and I-Day badges having green and white colours and Jashan-e-Azadi related slogans on them.

Young boys and girls have bought special Independence Day colours to paint the national flags. The entire city is giving a splendid look with green and white colours dominating the skyline.

This Independence Day has a special significance for every Pakistani, whether they live in Pakistan or abroad, since, on that day, Imran Khan, the head of the new government and his cabinet would be taking oath in the national capital to start a new era, as he has promised and announced in his many speeches before winning the elections and after it.

Besides the national flags in all sizes waving all over the city skyline, there would illuminations at government and private buildings, main markets, high-rises and Canal Road is on the evening of the 71st Independence Day. Every citizen of Lahore seems to be anxiously waiting for this most blessed day to come and to celebrate it in their own peculiar style with great excitement.


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