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August 08,2018

Sindh authorities under pressure to provide security against SC direction

Imdad Soomro

KARACHI: Sindh Home Department and Sindh Police are under pressure to provide police security to unauthorised persons against Supreme Court directions, The News has learnt.

Sources of Sindh Home department informed ‘The News’ that despite Supreme Court clear orders regarding withdrawal of police security to unauthorised private persons throughout the country, the security of a businessman family, including of five police mobiles and some 30 police officials, all of Sindh Police, has not been withdrawn.

The businessmen father and son, whom security is being provided, have been at large from June this year when a high profile money laundering case was initiated against them and some others by the Federal Investigation Agency.

It is pertinent to mention here that following the said orders of Supreme Court some 2,200 police officials were withdrawn only from Sindh province from many personalities but the family members of said businessman despite of facing high level money laundering case still enjoying police security illegally.

These sources added that two bureaucrats, one posted as federal secretary and second of the Sindh government, conveyed the directions of a politician to Home Department and Police Department high officials to provide more security to family members of said businessman.

In this regard this reporter approached Home Secretary Sindh Haroon Ahmed and Inspector General Sindh Amjed Javed Saleemi for their point of view, called at their official numbers, cell numbers sent them text messages and WhatsApp messages and then reminders but despite of waiting of many days both the officers avoided responding on the issue.

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