Activists take to streets in Lahore to demand animal rights

August 06,2018

LAHORE: Animal lovers took to the streets in front of Lahore Press Club protesting against the several incidents of animal abuse floating around the country

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LAHORE: Scores of animal lovers staged a demonstration in front of Lahore press club yesterday protesting against the recent incidents of animal abuse.

The protest prepared by organization 'Better Pakistan' was attended by the activists who shed light on the exploitation animals have to go through at the hands of the human race, putting into focus the multiple incidents reported recently around the country.

The protest was attended by fashion designer, journalist and activist Sarah Gandapur who stood on the fore front with donkeys and dogs to show support for the disregarded creatures.

In conversation with The News, Sarah stated: “I’ve always had animal love ever since I was a child and I’ve been told multiple times that I’m a crazy person for fighting for animals. I started saving animals like stray dogs because they feel the pain just like we do but nobody cares about them.”

In response to the questions animal lovers usually get about fighting for animals in a country deprived of basic human rights, Sarah stated: “There are a lot of people already fighting for human rights and being vocal about them but these animals often go unnoticed. Our celebrities are very fake, if I was as famous as Mahira Khan or Fawad Khan or Ali Zafar, I would use my pedestal to fight for the rights of animals.”

“Looking at the pictures of the animals abused recently during the elections, I cried my heart out and then I thought we shouldn’t be so low profile about our campaign," she added.

“I get comments like ‘when people have too much time and money and nothing to do, they resort to things like these’ to which I say I get a sense of satisfaction doing something for those who cannot speak, so it’s a truly selfless act.”

Earlier, amidst the election frenzy, several animals had fallen prey to political violence getting used as pawns to fuel protests, including a donkey named Hero was beaten to death after having the word ‘Nawaz’ painted on him.


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