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August 05,2018

Meet the PTI man who defeated Pakistan's former prime minister

Bismah Mughal

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf MNA elect Sadaqat Ali Abbasi is in the spotlight ever since he defeated the former prime minister of the country Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in Rawalpindi's NA-57 constituency.

The PTI leader in conversation with talk show host Talat Hussain unveiled his highly proficient educational background stating that he has done his MSc Economics in which he received a distinction from Islamic University.

Apart from that, the incoming MNA holds a degree of Mphil in Economics as well as an MS degree in IT.

Abbasi, who was the educational spokesperson of the party, revealed he was associated with the profession of teaching and used to teach the subject economics to A Levels in Islamabad where he established a school network as well but resigned last year to be more politically active.

The former head of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's education think-tank, lost in the 2013 General Election but this time he came prepared to eliminate even the most potent of names standing in his way, even the former premier of the country himself.

"You look at the target and that is how you direct your attack. The opponent I had was a six time elected MNA and a prominent personality and also a former prime minister.

So I knew that in order to defeat him, normal effort was not required so I considered this a war and gave it my everything. I campaigned in spite of Shahid Khaqqan Abbasi being a difficult target, I built a narrative that he was a prime minister and could not deliver despite that, so what will he do after being an MNA?" said he.

In regards to the physical restrains that came in the way of his constituency being geographically located at a remote and hilly place, the educationist stated: "The physical strains were so much that when my mother came to visit me during my campaign she started crying looking at my condition. It was a mountainous region so we used to walk a lot and sleep for only two hours."

Shedding light on the efforts he had to employ during his campaign he said: "Since the residential area was minimal, in order to have a corner meeting you had to make ample efforts but in spite of that I did a record number of corner meetings and political gatherings."

Acknowledging the fact that his survival is possible only if he manages to deliver the promises he made with his people, Sadaqat Abbasi stated: "I have to execute, I have to perform for my people. I have made a commitment with my people for health benefits, education , employment and safe drinking water."

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