Legislation, making amendments tough nut to crack for Imran as PM

August 05,2018

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KARACHI: The Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan will face the herculean task of making legislation and amending the Constitution as the prime minister.

Imran will be needing two-thirds majority in the assembly for amending the Constitution, while simple majority will be required for any legislation. The party has 115 seats in the National Assembly while it needs 172 votes to form its government at the Centre. The backing of independents and small parties is mandatory to complete the number of votes. But , it would not be possible for Imran to legislate or bring amendments to the Constitution despite achieving the required target of votes.

In such a situation, it would be difficult for the PTI chairman to fulfil promises made with the masses. Enacting legislations in large number as well as bringing necessary amendments to the Constitution are inevitable if Imran wants to bring a new setup in Naya Pakistan. Both these acts pose a great challenge for PTI chairman because he will have to take his allies along. Though the independents and small parties are demonstrating their support to Imran, it is not clear how long this alliance will sustain.

Purging the country of corruption and piloting it towards the desired change are the two big challenges and these are not possible without making legislation and bringing amendments to the Constitution. Talking to The News, Constitutional and legal expert Barrister Farogh Nasim said a two-thirds majority is a must for bringing amendments to the Constitution while simple majority is required for carrying a legislation.

Without a two-thirds majority, the new government will have to seek support of other parties in the Parliament to bring a constitutional amendment in national interest.

Now it is to be seen whether prime minister-in-waiting Imran Khan can convince his rival parties or not in making the required amendments to the Constitution.


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