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August 02,2018

Imran Khan to be Pakistan's first prime minister with strong online presence

Raza Mehdi & Bismah Mughal

KARACHI: Pakistan’s prime minister-designate Imran Khan looks set to become the first head of state of the country to have a strong presence online with an approximate of 8 million followers.

With the cricketer turned politician ruling over the web, his official social media accounts have remained silent after he came out victorious in the election results.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief is continuously being held in comparison with President of the United States Donald Trump for displaying extemporaneous in his online engagements with 53 million followers.

Social media users are incessantly wondering if the former sportsman will start adopting a more mature stance with his twitter handle with the responsibility of an entire nation lying on his shoulders.

On the other hand, Khan has also joined the club of the top 10 most followed global leaders, landing at number seven.

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