Hashwani for consensus water policy

July 17,2018

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ISLAMABAD: Renowned industrialist and Chairman Hashoo Group Sadruddin Hashwani Monday said the people of Pakistan could bring the country out of the crisis with rightly exercising their vote to elect sincere, honest, patriotic and capable persons.

“The right exercise of vote could make a way for better future of our youth as terrorism, biases, unemployment and deprivations effected the minds of our youth that have negative impact on the national integrity,” he said while talking to The News on Monday.

Sadruddin Hashwani said there was need of unity of the political and military leadership, civil society and other segments of the society to create consensus for the national agenda to give a clear message to the youth of the country for the better future and prospects.

He said there were not only internal problems but also external threats and if the country is to be saved then such a leadership will have to be brought which is patriotic and capable of facing internal and external challenges. “We have to develop such a society where youth gets the opportunity to use their capabilities,” he said.

The Hashoo Group chairman said all the segments of society should sit together to achieve the targets of water security and education besides the national security. Sadruddin Hashwani said Pakistan is our identity and motherland and love with Pakistan should be our topmost priority. He said the wars in future would be fought for water and Pakistan was also facing the water aggression from India which has built dams on rivers Jhelum and Chenab which has created serious water crisis in Pakistan. He said there was a need for evolving a consensus water policy with the consultation of all the four provinces and also for construction of the dams for water reservoir. “The efforts of the chief justice is appreciated in this regard,” he said.

The Hashoo Group chairman said around 46,000 dams were constructed all over the world. “Our rulers had shown criminal negligence by not constructing dams and brought the country to brink of destruction,” he said, adding that now the time has come that we should think like a nation for the better future of Pakistan.


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