Mainstreaming estranged Baloch leaders

June 19,2018

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Sincere Baloch leaders from inside and from abroad have always expressed their concerns about Indian-sponsored insurgency in Balochistan. Dr Jumma Khan Marri, a self-exiled Baloch nationalist leader and intellectual, has recently parted ways from the Baloch separatist elements like Brahamgagh Bugti, Hyrbyar Marri and Mehran Marri, accusing them of being completely controlled by Indian intelligence agency RAW.

One of the main reasons for Dr Jumma Khan’s changed stance is the exposure of India in support of Baloch unrest. He stated: “There are no doubts that India is squarely behind the unrest in Balochistan. I am a witness to it from within: India tries to counter Pakistan’s support for Kashmir and India wants to pay Pakistan in the same coin by supporting a few so-called Baloch leaders who are enjoying very luxurious lifestyles in such expensive cities as Geneva and London. These people are sending some money to create unrest in Balochistan like blowing electricity supplies, mining bridges and putting mines in the roadside to keep the money supplies open from Delhi. But the current struggle has been covered with fakes and greed from the beginning: fighters fight for monthly salaries and leaders live luxurious lives in western countries. If India stops the money supplies, the struggle will end the next day. Their leaders’ ideologies are personal ambitions, ego and greed for power and wealth.”

Dr. Marri also said: “No international media pays any attention to these Baloch separatists except Indian media that are working closely with the Indian intelligence who are paid to cover their paid agents working as Baloch freedom fighters. These are all Indian attempts to silence the voices of the Kashmir struggle for freedom”.

Lately, revelations by the Chairman of American Friends of Balochistan, Ahmer Masti Khan, have caused real embarrassment for those fighting the Pakistani state in Balochistan. As a matter of fact the startling revelations of Ahmer Masti have exposed the entire game plan of RAW hatched since 2001 to stage terrorism in Balochistan.

According to Global Village Space: “The Baloch insurgents, supported by outside regional forces, have attacked and played havoc with state and public infrastructure. These included disruptions of road network, gas installations and electricity supplies to industry and towns; killing of ethnic opponents, abductions for ransom, killing of law enforcement officials and murders of Chinese engineers and CPEC workers. The insurgency, only in the past few years, has resulted in killings of more than 5,200 civilians.”

But there are reports that the RAW is backing off, limiting support for the so-called Baloch insurgent leaders, considering them useless and ineffective. The leadership of these organizations and intellectual frontmen have failed to satisfy their masters about their usefulness. RAW is now focusing on younger generation and opting for soft revolution.

Spearheading the counter assault, Mir Sarfaraz Bugti, the former home minister of Balochistan, has stated: “The security situation of Balochistan is changing with each passing day. Dera Bugti, which was once considered as a no-go area, is now accessible to any Pakistani. From Quetta to Gwadar, and Chaman to Hub, the people of

Balochistan have fought back against the menace of terrorism by giving their blood and flesh for the country. Some hundreds of individuals were misguided by propaganda and fell in the trap of foreign hostile intelligence agencies, who exploited the existing grievances of the local population. However, the overwhelming majority of people residing in the province remained loyal to Pakistan, and disavowed any group who resorted to violent means against the state. Since 2011, over 1000 separatists were killed in various counter-separatist and intelligence-based operations. Balochistan Peace Programme, launched in July 2015, has also been a successful effort in bringing separatists back to the national mainstream. More than 2300 separatists, including senior commanders, have laid down their weapons under this initiative. The success of this program can be gauged from the fact that until now only eight separatists (0.35 percent) have re-joined separatist outfits.”

Bringing the issue vividly to the surface, Sarfraz Bugti stated: “Safe havens of BLA, BRA, TTP, JA, LJ-A in Afghanistan is also a cause of concern for the Balochistan. Unless and until these safe havens continue to operate from Afghan soil, with the support of NDS and RAW, law and order situation in the province cannot be stabilized. As Interior Minister of Balochistan, whenever I say that R&AW or NDS is involved in sponsorship of terrorism in Balochistan, I say it because I have seen irrefutable evidence of the involvement of these two hostile intelligence agencies.”

Objectively evaluating, one can say that most Baloch people now thoroughly understand that the so-called Baloch insurgent leaders sitting and enjoying abroad are sincere to none other but to their personal self. Those chanting slogans of freeing Balochistan, who are now ever more fragmented and illusive, are paid for each slogan and for each poster. Those playing in the hands of RAW, whose core is largely decimated, need to throw down their weapons and pick up the stance of unity like Dr Jumma Khan. Balochistan, seeing effectively measured efforts for peace, is waiting for them to come and join a coherent political discourse, the path of peace and development. Let them bedazzled by a thousand bright ideas for a brighter future of Balochistan and Pakistan.


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