Fata MPs urge UN to take note of killings in IHK, Afghanistan

April 08,2018

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BARA: The parliamentarians, belonging to tribal areas, have asked the United Nations to take note of the killing of innocents Afghan and Kashmiri people.

Speaking at a protest gathering in Bara tehsil, Member National Assembly (MNA) from Khyber Agency Nasir Khan Afridi said that the US forces had attacked a madrassa in Kunduz province in Afghanistan, killing several innocent students and religious scholars.

Also, he expressed concern over the killings of the innocent Kashmiris in Occupied Kashmir.

He said the Afghan government had failed to stop the American aggression and killings of the innocent civilians for the last 15 years.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Momin Khan said, “America and India do not want peace and harmony in the Muslim countries.”

He added that the desperate American forces were killing innocent people in Afghanistan to justify their presence in the country.

He said that Indian troops could never suppress the voice of Kashmiris who were determined to gain freedom from their occupation.

The senator added that the Indian forces fear a new wave of freedom that had hit Kashmir and have therefore accelerated its actions in the region, causing scores of causalities in the last several years.

The parliamentarians appealed to Muslim Ummah to unite to defeat the enemies of the Muslim states.

Later, they expressed solidarity with the bereaved families of the Kashmiris and Afghans and demanded the United Nations to take notice of the terrorist attacks on them.

They also demanded removal of unnecessary army checkposts in Khyber Agency.


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