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March 19,2018

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— the Hindu temple near Rawal Dam and how it has been neglected and kept locked for many years despite the fact that the Hindu community has been pleading for it to be handed over to them so they can have a place of worship in the capital as no other one exists. People say this community has to travel miles to Rawalpindi to observe their religious rites and it’s sad that the authorities are deaf to their pleas.

— the Senate elections and how the wheeling and dealing appears pale in comparison to what is going on now, with accusations of defection; betrayal and cheating being levelled at those who are suspected of not keeping to the commitment they made. People say while political entities hurl allegations at each other, it provides grist for the mill of rumour and speculation that is part of our political culture and keeps the general public guessing these days.

— the bad example being set by our parliamentarians, who use abusive language and uncalled for names when accusing or addressing each other in parliament or through the media and how it is setting a negative trend that is trickling down to children and the general public. People say there would be more respect for political entities if they behaved in a dignified manner and set a good example with appropriate conduct, rather than the demeaning one which also demeans them.

— the fact that the superior judiciary is now taking action against the land grabbing mafia and how it should have been done by the provincial governments of each province. People say when political parties do not live up to the mandate they have been given by the people who voted for them, it’s depressing and the only hope for good governance remains with other forces, which are reviled by the political entities who failed at their job.

— the expatriate female resident of the capital who set a fine example of community service and initiated a cleanup campaign to restore a park near her house so that it could be frequented once again. Working on her own, she embarrassed Pakistanis living in the vicinity so they too were motivated to join the campaign. It’s a shame that it took someone from another country to show us that it is our country and we should keep it clean.

— another incident of the staff of the national carrier smuggling drugs that has happened soon after the previous lot got caught and how it boggles the mind that no lessons are learned. People say it is probably the fact that a number of attempts have been successful, so those involved hoped to get away with their nefarious action without taking into account that they will bring a bad name to the country if they are nabbed.

— the CDA decision to introduce new regulations for buildings along major roads and how it was something the civic authority should have done long ago. As someone wisely said hesitation or procrastination leads to trouble or disaster and there are many instances where authorities woke up to the fact that something was not right after the damage had been done. People say those affected by these late decisions will protest, causing more problems. — I.H.


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