College to be named after Naqeebullah

March 09,2018

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WANA: A special delegation on Thursday visited South Waziristan on behalf of Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to finalise arrangements for constructing a college which would be named after Naqeebullah Mahsud.

The delegation met with the tribal elders and father of the slain youth Muhammad Khan Mahsud. Tribal elders, including Malik Rapa Khan, Maulana Aisamuddin, Kiramatullah Khan, Muhammad Hashim Khan and others were also present.

Later, talking to reporters the tribal elders said that the primer had pledged to name a college after Naqeebullah Mahsud in his native Makin area in South Waziristan Agency. Senior Police Officer (SSP) of Sindh police Rao Anwar had killed Naqeebullah in a fake police encounter in Karachi.

The elders said that a special delegation of the premier visited Wana today to honour the commitment the prime minster had made with them. They said the tribal elders had donated a piece of land for construction of the college building and asked the delegation members to approve the construction of the college on the identified piece of land.

The elders thanked the prime minister for his seriousness to honour the pledge, saying by doing this he had won the admirations of the tribespeople. They also warned the people to make sure before transferring and depositing their donations in fake bank accounts, saying some fraudsters were using the name of father of Naibullah Mashud to collect donations from donors. The elders asked those wanted to donate their donations to the victim's family to deposit the same in the bank account of Muhammad Khan Mahsud.


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