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March 06,2018

‘Rampage’ to hit cinemas earlier than expected

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Dwayne Johnson will be bringing down genetically enhanced dragons a week earlier than the expected date.

Now ‘Rampage’ will hit the cinema houses around the world on April 20.

The movie will reunite Johnson with Brad Peyton of San Andreas, who will be saving the world as three genetically mutant dragons – guerilla, wolf and crocodile -- spread havoc everywhere.

The story revolves around a distant man who isn’t a person’s man but has been taming a baby George ever since its birth. But when a genetic experiment goes wrong and the tame guerilla turns it into a wild, raging monster, then Johnson is forced to team up with a Genetic engineer to save the earth from not just George but other alpha predators who have suffered hoax genetic experimentation and are on the run.

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